‘Synergy’ are an amazing group that meet weekly at Greenfield Arts.  The popular activity promotes wellbeing through creative dance and is inspired by songs, poetry and drumming.

The group is led and inspired by dance artist Tracey West and musician Mark Barfoot, meeting regularly for over three years.  The sessions are particularly suitable for age 65+ and offer movement and music-based sessions in a lovely, relaxed environment.

Synergy are now about to share their unique brand of dance as they perform at a special event at Dance City in Newcastle.  The group have been rehearsing routines to work towards the event which celebrates dance across the region.

The ‘Inspire Festival’ celebrates dance at all ages and will showcase new work from community companies across the region, including ‘Synergy’.  As Dance City states “Dance has no upper limit – it welcomes all and Dance City is proud to support all ages to discover their passion for dance.” Just visit Dance City to find out more about the event www.dancecity.co.uk

Group leader Tracey West is thrilled to be part of the event, “I’m very proud of the way the group have progressed and we are excited to be part of such an inspirational festival” Said Tracey.

Synergy meets at Greenfield Arts each Tuesday morning.  To find out more contact Tracey by emailing [email protected]

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