At Greenfield, we recognise that some students have additional social and emotional needs that require nurturing and developing. These needs can manifest themselves in a number of ways, including behavioural difficulties or anxiety and in communication difficulties.

For those students who find aspects of this difficult, we offer:

• Tutor support

• Mentoring

• Transition support

• Social skills / Friendship sessions

• Counselling

• Emotional Regulation support

• Mental Health Piece of Mind (NHS)

• Emotional Health and Resilience Nurse

• Support from the Progress and Guidance team

If parents/carers, or school staff, become concerned about any developing behaviour, then we will arrange to meet with you to try to determine any possible causal factors and to plan appropriate provision to support your child’s needs.

Progress & Guidance Team (P&G)

The team help all students in relation to their care and support both inside and outside the classroom. Behaviour and achievement is monitored closely by staff and issues are addressed quickly and effectively, leading to better learners and enhanced performance in the classroom. The P&G Team have a wide range of responsibilities such as: attendance, punctuality, behaviour, student progress, bullying, detentions, friendship issues, family problems etc. We endeavour to solve any issues that create barriers to learning. The P&G Team work closely with parents/carers as well as other agencies to provide the most effective support for students.

For further information, view the Positive Behaviour for Learning Policy on the key policies page.

The Progress and Guidance Team can be contacted by telephone on: 01325 300 378

Measures taken to prevent bullying

Our response to bullying does not start at the point at which a child has been bullied. We work hard to embed an ethos of good behaviour where students treat one another and the school staff with respect because they know that this is the right way to behave.

Values of respect for staff and other students, an understanding of the value of education, and a clear understanding of how our actions affect others permeate the whole school environment and are reinforced by staff and older students who set a good example to the rest.

The Progress & Guidance team are pro-active in their monitoring and investigation of alleged bullying incidents. Information is entered onto our database enabling patterns of behaviour to be identified earlier.

Opportunities for disclosure are provided for both students and parents via regular contact.

For further information, view the Anti Bullying Policy on the key policies page.