All schools receive external funding called SEN Notional funding, which should be used to support students who have special educational needs.

At Greenfield we use our professional judgement to ensure that the funding has the greatest impact for our SEND students. The notional budget for this academic year is £599,254.00

The school identifies the needs of the children and decides upon the level of support that can be offered, our allocation is based on a need’s assessment and all resources, training and support are reviewed regularly and changes are made as needed.

We regularly review this to ensure maximum effectiveness and efficiency. We strive to ensure equity, transparency and clarity within the school for the money spent on all learners and their needs. If a student at the SEN Support level needs provision which exceeds £6000, this will be clearly shown on an individualised costed provision map. For students with EHC Plans, the provision will also be clearly costed.