Cree Group ‘In Tune’ at Greenfield Arts

The Greenfield Arts Men’s Cree group have been getting hands on and creating something positive to be shared with others.  Their recent renovation struck a cheery note as they brought back to life an old [...]

Synergy Group Perform at Dance City

‘Synergy’ are an amazing group that meet weekly at Greenfield Arts.  The popular activity promotes wellbeing through creative dance and is inspired by songs, poetry and drumming. The group is led and inspired by dance [...]

Thought Provoking Exhibition at Greenfield Arts

Greenfield Arts are privileged to welcome back Richard Bliss to The Greenfield Gallery.  His exhibition is a thought provoking and insightful window into the history and identity of the LGBTQIA+ community. Richard is a renowned [...]

Learn a Language at Greenfield Arts

Autumn has that ‘back to school’ feel and is always a great time to learn something new.  Greenfield Arts are offering new Spanish courses as part of our autumn programme.  We have opportunities for both [...]