Transition support for Y6 moving into Y7 in September 2021

Year 6 students were invited to participate in our summer school which consisted of a blend of academic support with introduction lessons in:

  • English – Comprehension and the Greenfield way of reading
  • Maths – Number lines
  • Science – Earth Science and making volcanoes

These lessons were delivered by our staff and SEND students were supported by our school TA. Students were also given a free CPG Targeted reading book, Targeted writing book and a Targeted Maths book to help support them both at summer school and at home in preparation for their transition in September.

As part of the enrichment programme students had the opportunity to watch a theatre performance called ‘Nonsense and Stuff’ and take part in a workshop afterwards with Mad Alice Theatre Company.

We hired the services of Laura Degnan to deliver work shops involving drama and media. The sessions explored our school attributes , collaboration, creativity, resilience, reflection and responsibility. The sessions Laura delivered helped students explore potential worries and find solutions through activities that were self led. The video that the young people made helped was engaging and encouraged the young people to work together, meet new people and to feel confident and secure in their new surroundings. The video was placed on our school website so that other year 7’s who didn’t access the summer school could also be supported in their transition.

Paul Theo Murray a visiting artist also got students involved in creating a variety of pieces using masks, printing techniques and ice breakers to help students develop positive relationships with other students as well as exploring our school attributes.

Summer school days Students expected Students attended
Monday 30 14
Tuesday 30 10
Wednesday 30 10
Thursday 30 15
Friday 30 15

Total Cost of Summer school £3,800.00

Total funding from DFE £3,705.60

Breakdown of costs Expenditure
Refreshments £26.21
Resources (E.g. Writing, reading) £450
L. Degnan – Media & Drama £1100
Paul Theo Murray – Art and attribute exploration £1100
School staffing costs £281 x2
Mad Alice Theatre company £650