We always have high ambitions for our students and are committed to do the best for all of them.

Our self-improving culture of learning across our organisation is underpinned by high quality behaviour for learning. We are a school that aims to develop fully the potential of our students to be ambitious, confident, self-led learners built upon strong relationships, lesson planning and positive recognition.

We are all motivated by praise and reward. It boosts our self-esteem; makes us feel as if our efforts are recognised, that we are valued and that we’ve contributed positively to a given outcome. It is not the size or type of reward that is pivotal but the way that it is given.

Throughout your time with us at Greenfield, Progress and Guidance will support you to become ready, responsible and respectful young people. We will help you overcome any challenges you may face.

We are here to provide guidance and support for a range of challenges you may face:

  • Friendship support
  • Medical support
  • Academic support
  • Family support
  • Behaviour support

Mrs S Burke ([email protected])

Progress & Guidance Leader