At Greenfield Community College, we actively promote positive and inclusive values which prepare young people for life in our diverse society.  

We believe these values including democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, mutual respect and tolerance of those of different faiths and beliefs are core values for everyone living in modern Britain, and we teach these alongside our five key attributes of responsibility, resilience, reflection, collaboration and creativity. 

Our vision and ethos reflect these values and we seek to embed them into everyday life at Greenfield Community College as we help our students develop into happy, confident, tolerant and successful young people. We believe that education should develop the whole child and we are proud to be an outward facing school where our young people are fully aware of their own rights and those of others and their responsibilities within the local, national and global community. 

In addition to explicit teaching about the fundamental British values in PSHE, students are able to see them in action through the everyday life of the school. 

Student voice is strong at Greenfield Community College because we give students regular and meaningful opportunities to express their views in formal and informal situation.  Student Voice forms part of all of our quality assurance processes.  The Student Leadership Team meets regularly to discuss how to make Greenfield Community College a better learning environment.

The principle of democracy is explored through the curriculum in English, RE and History as well as through PSHE and the T4S Curriculum.

Students understand that for our community to function effectively we need to have clear rules and expectations.  The importance of rules is established through our induction programmes and is reinforced through all aspects of school life. Students are taught the need for rules, the values behind them and the consequences of breaking them, both in school and in the wider community.  Through the PSHE programme, students learn about the law and how it applies to them as they develop into young adults.   

This understanding of, and respect for, civil and criminal law is reinforced by visitors from the Police, Fire Brigade and other organisations. 

We have worked hard to build a positive and inclusive community where students are able to make choices in a safe environment. The school curriculum enables all students to make guided choices regarding future academic pathways. We offer a wide range of activities and clubs designed to allow every student the opportunity to choose to participate in wider school life according to their interests. In PSHE students learn about their rights and personal freedoms, and this is reinforced through the T4S Curriculum and in other subjects. 

Mutual respect is reinforced everyday through teaching, assemblies, in the corridors, at break and lunchtime and in the day-to-day interactions between students and staff In PSHE we teach students to respect others with particular regard to the protected characteristics as defined by the Equality Act 2010, and this is then supported across the curriculum as a whole, as well as being embodied in our key attributes. 

At Greenfield Community College we foster tolerance through enhancing students’ understanding of their place in a culturally diverse society and by giving them opportunities to experience such diversity through the curriculum and in extracurricular activities  In PSHE students learn about prejudice and prejudice-based bullying, and discussions in all subjects, reinforce the messages. We offer opportunities for students to become knowledgeable about other faiths and beliefs through the core RE curriculum and through the curriculum as a whole.

Incidents of discriminatory language are recorded, dealt with and analysed so that effective education can be put in place.