Greenfield Community College PE Department have introduced a ‘Greeny Mudder’ whereby pupils undertake a series of different challenges in the format of the world-famous Tough Mudder (obstacle course).

The department are always looking for ways to evolve the curriculum offer and this was praise that was acknowledged during our Association for Physical Education Quality Mark with Distinction award last year. An award that has only been given to 7 PE departments in the North East since 2012.

The ‘Greeny Mudder’ provided an innovative tool to help engage pupils through healthy participation and allowed them to develop motor competence, build social skills and improve health and wellbeing. The obstacle course included a series of different challenges including cargo nets, water carry, hay bales hurdles, over and under / side to side, quick feet in the tyres, slip and slide, tractor tyre pull and a tunnel crawl.

Pupil engagement was extremely high and during one lesson a girl in year 9 shouted ‘sir, this is exactly my type of thing!’ Another in year 8 claimed ‘this is the best PE lesson ever.’ Mr Butterworth, Subject Leader for PE, added ‘Our staff are very proud of all our pupils during the ‘Greeny Mudder’ fortnight, their attitude was exceptional throughout and the effort was absolutely fantastic to see. I genuinely believe that this will be a lesson that the pupils will remember for years to come and one that they reminisce about long into their adult life. Some pupils may decide to go on to undertake the genuine Tough Mudder events hosted across the world and have those great memories of exercising in a slightly different format to the more traditional methods. I would like to thank parents, carers and guardians for their support as I can fully appreciate that the amount of time and effort it will have taken to clean some of the clothes, and we acknowledge the tight turn around for some pupils having PE on consecutive days. I would also like to thank PE Teacher Miss Ellison who led on the planning of this successful event. In addition, thank you to local farmers who helped supply some of the equipment to help make this possible, it is very much appreciated.’

Greenfield Community College is committed to providing extended opportunities to support students to reach their full potential.   If you would like to find out more visit or contact the school by emailing or by calling 01325 300378.