A group of students at Greenfield Community College are learning new skills and being inspired to learn the concepts of science in creative ways.

The group of students are working alongside professional artist Dawn Belshaw to collaborate and share their thoughts on important issues that affect the environment.  The group are finding creative ways to discuss topics such as pollution and the impact upon our planet, creating artwork that reflects their feelings, links to science and provokes practical solutions.

The ‘Creative Collaborators’ are working together to learn more about science, themselves and the world around them.  The artwork produced by the group is already taking shape and will be shared with the school through an installation in the foyer area.

The project is led by Greenfield Arts and contributes to a learning experience that is bespoke and considers each and every young person involved and offers the opportunity to learn and inspire the whole school.  Thank you for support from County Durham Community Foundation Durham County Council Arts.

Greenfield Community College are committed to developing skills that raise aspirations and support learning.  The school promotes an inclusive curriculum encouraging students to work together to realise an outstanding learning experience.  If you would like further information visit www.greenfieldschool.net or contact the school by emailing [email protected] or by calling 01325 300378.