Self-study booklets are a 5-year revision program designed to support learning. We aim to engage our learners with appropriate knowledge and develop skills to promote curiosity, questioning and understanding that prepares them all for their next steps.

The booklets prepare students for the exams they will sit each term; containing activities to promote research, develop skills or secure knowledge.

Core knowledge

Knowledge Organisers arrange the most vital, useful and powerful points on a single page of A3 or A4. They provide a core knowledge for all topics studied. Knowledge organisers can be found via the button below.

It is recommended that if students are struggling to recall some elements of their work they should increase the amount of time they spend on it.

​​​​How students should use a Knowledge Organiser (KO) to make sure the knowledge sticks:

  1. Chunking – to break down work into bitesize chunks to improve memory. Students should write out specific sections of their KO sheet. They should focus on learning one section at a time as this will help organise the content as well as prevent them becoming overwhelmed by the amount of work.

  2. Memorise the section – Students should repeat the work to themselves or write it out from memory increasing the amount they try to remember each time (for 10-15 minutes) over and over again, checking for parts they may have forgotten.

  3. Cover it up – Students should then cover up their KO sheet so that they cannot copy it. This is the challenging part that will help them to remember the Core Knowledge, and help it stick.

  4. Write it out – For 15-20 minutes, students should write out what they can remember from memory. Even if they are struggling, they should not look back at the KO sheet; instead they will need to engage and challenge their brain.

  5. Check it – Once students have filled a whole side of their self-quizzing (pink) book, they will need to refer back to the KO sheet and check their work.

  6. Amend any mistakes – Students should make corrections in a different coloured pen. Students should continue this process until they have truly mastered the section.

  7. Self-Quizzing – Students and parents can create quizzes which will test how well the information has been remembered.

Additional homework will be recorded in the student planner, as appropriate to ensure that students are fully supported to make the best possible progress. We take homework seriously at Greenfield and so not doing homework is likely to lead to a sanction. If the homework is not understood students should ask for support. In addition students should read their reading book at least two evenings a week (for at least 20 minutes) to support their Time for success experience.