As a creative and inclusive school, we believe that our environment for learning should be meaningful, engaging, relevant and accessible.

We want each and every student to take advantage of the opportunities we offer to develop fully their potential as ambitious, confident self-led learners.

Key to achieving this is clarity in identifying need and targeting resources to support individuals. To support our pupil premium students to prosper we have targeted academic progress, behaviour and attendance allowing our students to develop key learning attributes. This is underpinned by strong teaching, learning and assessment approaches.

The levels of support offered through our House system and Time for Success lessons provides opportunity for our students to have a greater sense of belonging. We are committed that our students’ experiences and achievements should not depend on their parent’s or carer’s income therefore we have careful monitoring, mentoring and swift intervention in place to support each and every student.

Below you can access details of the school’s pupil premium allocation and how the money was spent and the impact that it had on educational attainment of those pupils at the school in respect of whom grant funding was allocated.