The curriculum is our school – everything stems from it, knowing the school means knowing the curriculum. 

Its ethos and values and outcomes but also content and delivery. We want all our students to have Ambition, independence, confidence and a clear vision of their personal goals.  As well as having high performance in external examinations, we believe our students need the attributes of resilience, reflection, responsibility, collaboration and creativity.

  1. Raising Aspirations: our expectations, drive and relentless ambition for all our students will foster the aspiration for all children to go to university or study a high-level apprenticeship. Education is the passport to develop ambition, independence and confidence to become a fulfilled adult and valued member of the community.
  2. Knowledge rich, balanced, challenging and broad curriculum: Our focus is on developing a knowledge rich curriculum, carefully planned to contribute to a learning environment that is meaningful, engaging, relevant and accessible and ensuring all students have the opportunity to develop a range of skills, creativity and application.
  3. Everyday Excellence: High quality teaching and learning focused on robust planning which ensures all lessons are challenging, students work hard and develop a curiosity and love of learning.
  4. Exemplary Behaviour / Parent on the shoulder: Students are unfailingly polite and well-mannered individuals who take responsibility for their own actions and seek to help others whenever they can.
  5. Making a difference to individuals: Our teachers and progress and guidance leaders know and care about every child they interact with, proactively building strong and positive relationships between school and home.
  6. Reading: We view reading and the development of literacy as the cornerstone and foundation to success across the entire curriculum. We foster a genuine love of reading and the opportunity to read everyday within our unique Time4Success programme.
  7. Preparing to be a global citizen: Our extensive extra-curricular programme and wider opportunities programme ensures all students broaden their learning beyond the classroom.  Our careers programme based on the Gatsby benchmarks and extended dimensions through Greenfield Sports and Greenfield Arts contributes to the preparation for the next phase and development into adulthood.
  8. A learning organisation: Our Collaborative focussed CPD ensures a consistent high quality and reflective approach to planning and coaching.