Autumn term

Key ideas and topics covered

Greetings/Alphabet/Age/Birthday/Colours/Classroom instructions/ Items in a school bag

Grammar – Adjectival agreement /verb avoir/negatives/gender – definite/indefinite articles and plurals imperatives – pronouns

Cultural capital – French festivals


Grammar – Present Tense ‘er’ verbs and avoir, être, faire and aller/adjectival agreements/opinions/definite and indefinite articles

Cultural capital – French festivals/Foods/Celebrations

Self and relationships now and when younger/friends and family/what makes a good friend/arrangements to go out/ role models.

Grammar – Tenses present, perfect-imperfect and near future/ reflexive verbs

Begin GCSE Course

Tiered exam 1 exam in each skill: speaking, listening, reading, writing equals 25% of the final grade.

Town, region and country/weather/places to see, things to do/community projects/directions/transport

Grammar – Present, past and future tenses/superlatives/’on peut’/question words/’si’ clauses/negatives/pronouns

Work – applying for jobs/careers/professions/work experience/part-time jobs/skills and personal qualities/plans for future
Grammar – Direct object pronouns/verbs with ‘à’ or ‘de’/using sequencers /present, past and future and conditional tenses/’qui’/the subjunctive tense

Spring term

Key ideas and topics covered


Grammar – Verbs Avoir and Être/ Present tense/conditional tense/adjective agreements and plurals/ possessive adjectives

Cultural capital – French Celebrations

Paris/Where you visit or visited/tourist information/understanding brochures

Grammar – Verbs in the present tense/perfect tense/imperfect tense for opinions/question words

Cultural Diversity – Epiphany in France

Leisure activities/a night out/leisure reading and music/TV and film/Social media and technology.

Grammar – Verbs: ‘faire’ and ‘jouer’/ present, perfect and future tense/depuis/negatives/comparative


Travel and tourist transactions/travel and accommodation/asking for help and dealing with problems/directions/eating out/buying souvenirs

Grammar  – Comparatives/reflexives/pronouns/present, past and future tenses/’avant de’+infinitive/’en’+present participle/demonstrative adjectives and pronouns/expressions with ‘avoir’

Global sustainability/bringing the world together/events/volunteering/ good causes/environmental issues/ethical shopping.

Grammar – Cognates to understand meaning /modal verbs ‘on doit’ and ‘on peut’ + the infinitive /’en’ + the present participle /conjunctions/the conditional tense/the passive tense/indirect object pronouns/arguments for and against/emphatic pronouns/present, past and future tenses.

Summer term

Key ideas and topics covered

School subjects/opinions and reasons/timetable/12 hour clock/school day/ meals

Grammar – Present tense /partitive article/Irregular verbs/adjective agreements/intensifiers/connectives

Where you live and would like to live/describing the home/describing meals/discussing which foods to buy/ talking about an event

Grammar – Comparative adjectives/prepositions/present and future conditional tenses/partitive article/verbs ‘boire’ and ‘prendre’/’il faut’ + infinitive/near future tense.

Celebrations and festivals/food and drink/daily life/clothes/family celebrations

Grammar – Partitive article/modal verbs/’aller’and infinitive/present, perfect, imperfect and near future tenses/questioning words/pronouns/’venir de’

Culture Capital – Celebrations/Festivals

School Future aspirations, Study and work

What school is like/school types UK and French speaking countries/school day/subjects/rules and pressures/celebrating success/school activities/school trips, events, exchanges/healthy and unhealthy living.

Grammar – Direct object pronouns/opinions and making adjectives agree/ ‘il faut/il est interdit de’/adverbs/present, past and future tenses/imperative

Culture Capital – Schools in France

GCSE course – finished

Revision programme – Grammar/themes