Key ideas and topics covered

How are our students assessed?

Year 7-9

In Years 7-9, pupils will complete two formal assessed tasks every term- one on reading and one on writing.  They will be awarded a flightpath grade and will receive whole class feedback which will signpost their targets for improvement.  Throughout the term fortnightly writing compositions will be completed and assessed formatively.

Year 10

In Year 10, pupils will continue to complete two assessed tasks every term and these will coincide with the unit of work being studied.  For example in Term 1, a full Paper 1 Language will be assessed and later on in the term an essay question on the Literature text ‘A Christmas Carol’ will be completed.

Summer mock examinations will be completed in a formal setting for Paper 2 Language and Paper 1  Literature at the end of Year 10. Grades awarded to pupils will be marked against the AQA mark scheme and grades will be based on the GCSE levels from 1-9.

Year 11

In Year 11, pupils will take their mock examinations in November – full Paper 1 Language and Paper 1 Literature. In March students will sit the full suite of papers – Paper 1 Language, Paper 2 Language, Paper 1 Literature and Paper 2 Literature.

The Y11 classes will be assessed according to their needs which will be identified from their mock examination results and ongoing classroom assessment.