Spring is coming and Greenfield Arts are thrilled to be involved in a range of creative projects that are collaborative and inspirational.

We are excited to welcome back artist/tailor Richard Bliss; his residency at Greenfield Arts is proving a great success as he instigates innovative and unique projects that inspire others.  Richard will be working alongside students from Greenfield Community College and community groups to build upon our current seasonal programme.

Two of the current projects will explore the creative concepts surrounding the unique follies in our landscape and the creation of a new Pride banner for Newton Aycliffe’s LGBTQIA+ community.  The residency will connect to the curriculum and form part of a bigger project that explores creative and political landscapes and research surrounding playground activity.

Richard’s work is collaborative by nature and encourages students to think creatively and have a voice, building self-confidence and a willingness to learn.

We look forward to working with Richard as the programme moves forward with the benefit of his experience and expertise.

Greenfield Arts are committed to offering high quality arts activity that helps stimulate creativity, questioning and enquiry.  If you would like to know more about us just visit www.greenfield-arts.co.uk or contact our friendly team on 01325 379048 or email [email protected]