Year 7 students at Greenfield Community College were able to take up a valuable opportunity to settle in and enjoy this year’s summer school.  Our new cohort had the chance to learn more about the school, meet teachers and make new friends.

Supported by school staff and Greenfield Arts, the groups worked alongside filmmaker Laura Degnan, professional sports coach Peter Walton and staff who provided creative activities that brought the group together. The young people had the chance to learn new skills and enjoyed seeing the fun in core subjects such as English, Maths and Science.  The activities included fun ice-breakers and creative ways of learning that helped make the students feel at home whilst building their confidence and a sense of achievement. It was lovely to see the way the students responded and grew more comfortable as the week went on, gaining a newfound confidence which will help prepare them for the Autumn term.

The activities form part of an extended transition programme led by Assistant Headteacher Ms Davis. “It was a really valuable week for the students who are now an integral part of our Greenfield community. We are committed to supporting our students as they make the move to secondary school, thank you to everyone involved, we are looking forward to seeing the film the students created and sharing this experience with the whole school”.

The summer programme has been a valuable and enjoyable way for students to prepare to continue their academic journey, preparing for the next step and forming lasting friendships.

Greenfield Community College is a Specialist Arts and Science school and is committed to providing opportunities to support students to reach their full potential. To find out more about our school please visit our website or contact us by email for more information