Student Leaders have designed this ‘Creative Space’ platform to share creative ideas and resources to help us all find ways to be positive and stay well.

Greenfield Arts have supported student leaders to realise this project as we want to support everyone to explore their curiosity and creativity. You will find creative techniques you can try, resources and places to go for more help.

This section includes ideas from Student Leaders that you can try yourself, with your class or to pass on to others to help you be creative and explore ideas.

This section includes tools and strategies that students have designed and made that can help you to be creative and express yourself.

This section includes some external links, books and resources that students have told us can be useful.

Creative ways to stay positive

Here are some ideas from Greenfield students to help you:

• Do something you like
• Talk to friends and family
• Reflect
• Go for a walk in the fresh air
• Spend quality time with loved ones
• Listen to music
• Do some mindfulness practice
• Meditate and clear your mind

If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion.

Dalai Lama

Support and guidance

There can be times where we can feel low and down or face difficult challenges. It can be hard to talk to someone about how you are feeling at times. At Greenfield we have people who you can talk to for support and guidance about this.

  • Progress and Guidance

  • Your tutor

  • School Counsellor

  • School Nurse

  • Trailblazers

If you do not wish to talk to anyone in school, there are external people to talk to.

  • Your local GP









  • 111 or 999