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What transition arrangements are in place to support my child?

We recognize that transitions can be difficult for a child with SEND and take steps to ensure that any transition is as smooth as possible.

From primary to secondary:

A transition protocol has been agreed with all of the primary schools within COL 12, to enhance transition from primary to secondary. Information gathering is helped by the Community of Learning Transition assistants, who work in our feeder primary schools from February each year, supporting and getting to know students. They collect relevant information and help produce a student profile, published in July to all teachers at Greenfield. This means that in September we all have information about our new year 7 students. Some students are offered extra visits to help them become familiar with their new surroundings and teachers.

From / to another school:

All students arriving at other times in their school career spend some time with Progress and Guidance so we can best place them in their classes. Their support needs are identified following liaison with their previous school and early assessment by subject teachers. Where a student transfers out from Greenfield to another secondary school we will support that school in its transition process.

From class to class or moving up:

Transitions from class to class and year to year are discussed and where necessary planned for by tutors, teachers and the SENCO. The introduction of assessment books with follow the student throughout their time at school is being piloted in English and will support movement between teachers.

Students with a statement or EHC plan will have a transition review in year 9, guided options choices and further support through years 10 & 11 to ensure that their EHC plan is in place to support their transition to post 16 provision and into adulthood and independent living. Students with an SEN support plan will receive the standard school offer which may be enhanced by work with the One Point Personal advisor if all concerned think that appropriate.