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What provision will there be for my Looked After Child with SEND?

Greenfield Community College works closely with the identified Local Authority for each Looked After Child to identify and support the needs of the child.

Every Looked After Child meets 3 times a year with the Key Worker from LACES or in the case of LEA's from outside of Durham the Key Social Worker and the Designated Lead for Looked After Children to produce a PEP (Personal Education Plan). These meetings coincide with the schools Data Captures to ensure a child's specific needs can be addressed. The child is always involved in the discussion. Student Premium funding is used to address these needs and interventions are put in place.

A child with a specific special educational need has access to the support of an Education Psychologist who works specifically for the LACES Team in County Durham. If we feel there is a need for assessment for children from other LEA's then PP funding can be used to buy targeted assessments. The SENCO is involved when a LAC requires additional interventions and is able to carry out in-school assessments.