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How will Greenfield Community College track my child’s progress and support them in exams?

At Greenfield we regularly and carefully monitor and evaluate the quality of provision offered to all students by measuring their progress. We collect data termly in years 7 -10 and half termly in year 11. This tracked and analysed using a commercial package called SISRA Analytics

Termly RAMP meetings follow the progress of individuals to check that they are on target and specific interventions called Steps 2 Success are put in place.

Students with SEND are tracked in the same way and we analyse the data for this group to identify any gaps in progress. We monitor and report upon progress made by students taking part in interventions, not only for the duration of the intervention, but for the rest of their school career to check that the intervention has had a lasting benefit. Parent reviews, information from teaching assistants and staff views as well as hard data all inform this process.

What support will be available for my child during tests and exams?

We attempt to ensure that SEN children are able to access exams and other assessments by following the Joint Council for Qualifications guidance in ‘Adjustments for candidates with disabilities and learning difficulties’ The SENCOs at both campuses are qualified to assess and apply for the relevant access arrangements. This is done in cooperation with the exams officer.