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How does the school consult with students and parents/carers?

Teachers/SENCO and Support Staff will work with students to identify the support needed to meet agreed outcomes.  The provision is planned and interventions are allocated to individual needs. The children take an active role in setting their targets by discussing them with the SENCO. Students are actively encouraged to contribute their views regarding their needs, how to best help them and the progress they have made. Students are encouraged to attend any review meetings held for them. They also have regular mentoring sessions with tutors in Time4Success to discuss their progress.

Our elected Student Leadership Team meet regularly to consider student suggestions and concerns. They are able to take their ideas to the School Leadership Team and a number of changes have resulted from this. Students in year 7,9,11 participate annually in the LA young people’s survey. In addition students of all abilities and ages are asked to contribute their thoughts during subject monitoring weeks.

We are committed to working with parents and carers to identify their child’s needs and support.  Parents and carers will be involved throughout the process through:

·           Meet the tutor / subject teacher evenings;

·           Ongoing discussions with tutor, P&G team, SENCO;

·           Parent drop-in;

·           Email contact;

·           Through a review of a child’s SEN Support Plan or the Annual Review of their Statement of SEN or EHC Plan;

·           Through the Parent Voice group which meets half-termly and supports the development of school policy and procedures.