Purchasing School Uniform

Uniform can be purchased in school on uniform sale evenings or directly from our supplier (Rawcliffes Ltd), from their store in Stockton or on-line using the following website


Uniform Supplier Details

Rawcliffes Ltd

36 Prince Regent Street

Stockton on Tees

TS18 1DF

Telephone: 01642 636650


Students must be properly dressed and equipped for school.

Our expectation is that all students wear the correct uniform at all times. Students who break the dress code will be asked to speak to the Progress & Guidance Team.

Students with a specific/relevant medical condition, disability or religious belief should discuss this with the school. In addition, issues relating to finance should also be discussed with the school so that every effort can be made to ensure each student is suitably attired.

If there is a problem causing a student to be incorrectly attired (item damaged, lost etc.) parents should write a note in the Student Planner explaining the reason why their child is not dressed correctly for school. This note (unless in exceptional circumstances) will be valid for one day and students are expected to be correctly dressed the following day.

If parents have any questions regarding school dress, uniform, jewellery, make-up, shoes, hairstyles or equipment we strongly recommend you contact Progress & Guidance before purchasing any items. Our advice is, if you are not sure - just ask!

We hope you will support us throughout the time your child attends Greenfield. The benefits of a smart appearance are reflected in the ethos of the school and help lead to an organised and efficient learning environment.

 The Greenfield Community College uniform is an essential part of your child’s school experience. It serves to:

  • To provide a distinct look to distinguish Greenfield pupils from others in the locality.
  • To enhance the professionalism/smartness of presentation taking into account the age of the wearer.
  • To promote the importance of a smart appearance with a view to preparing our students for the world of work.
  • To fit in with new positive changes within the school in terms of behaviour, expectations and ethos.
  • The ties take into account the individual ‘colours’ of House Groups across the different year groups helping students feel part of a wider team and enhancing their inclusive experience.

The school believes that a good clean smart appearance is an asset to each pupil and seeks the support of parents in the maintenance of reasonable standards of school dress

Our uniform is:

Greenfield Blazer (with embroidered badge) – purchased from supplier via school. 

White plain shirt, tucked in and buttoned to the neck.
School tie 
Plain black formal full length tailored trousers (not jeans) or plain black knee length skirt (not ankle or mini)

Optional knitwear is also available. This must be a Greenfield sweater/tank top. Any other knitwear is not permitted. Pupils will be asked to remove coats/other non-uniform items when in the classroom. Blazers and ties must be worn at all times unless specific permission is given by staff to remove.

Physical Education
  • Greenfield Community College PE t-shirt
  • Greenfield Community College Sports Jumper (Optional)
  • Plain black shorts or plain black leggings
  • Black sports socks (Optional)
  • Appropriate sports footwear

Advice to Parents/Carers

  • Large designer belts are not to be worn
  • Jeans/combat trousers/fashion trousers/skirts must not be worn for school.
  • Fashion shirts must not be worn for school 
  • Caps/hats must not be worn inside the school building
  • Pupils in incorrect uniform must have a valid note from home. Other than in exceptional circumstances, this note is valid for one day.


All pupils must wear plain black flat soled sensible shoes. Trainers, plimsoles, boots or logos are strictly not allowed. If parents are unsure, please contact the Progress & Guidance Team for clarification/advice before purchasing.

In the interests of Health & Safety the only jewellery permitted is: A wrist watch
One small plain stud in each ear (if your child’s ears are pierced). No other piercings are permitted
Ear studs may be removed for some practical lessons. Responsibility for safekeeping rests with pupils

students are not permitted to wear any make up other than skin tone foundation, we would like this to only apply to students that are self-conscious about their skin.


Students should not attend school wearing false nails.

Extreme hair styles and extreme hair colours are not permitted. Pupils should be presentable to the public and should have appropriate, professional, smart hair that corresponds with accepted norms of natural hair colour. Fashion hairstyles/cuts are not permitted.

Please contact the Progress & Guidance Team if you are unsure about any element of the uniform. This will minimise the risk of purchasing inappropriate item/s.