Severe Weather Information

“Schools should, wherever possible, stay open in severe weather. They play a key role in their communities and by staying open help both their pupils and parents.” 

Department for Education
As a fundamental principle we will make every effort to keep Greenfield Community College open, even if only limited numbers of pupils can attend. There is a legal requirement to keep schools open for children to attend for 190 days per year (380 sessions). However schools may close due to ‘unavoidable’ circumstances. Those circumstances being that it is no longer safe for staff or pupils to be onsite. The cancellation of public transport or the inability to run a normal timetable due to staff absences are not considered unavoidable circumstances. 
The government has stressed the importance of schools remaining open, wherever possible, as closures have a knock on effect on parents/carers who are key workers in other areas of the public sector, e.g. Health Services, thus undermining crucial service delivery. The overriding principle is Greenfield Community College will remain open to the maximum degree possible, consistent with health and safety requirements, even if it is not possible to run a full timetable or only open for part of the day (starting school day later then normal).
In order to ensure the school remains open for as long as possible we will continually assess the local weather conditions and use the following as sources of information:

The Weather Channel 
BBC Weather 
Met Office 

We will communicate information to parents by text message and online: 
The DCC Closures website will also display closures for a number of services including libraries, nurseries and children’s centres. 

We will also inform local radio stations:
BBC Newcastle
BBC Tees
Star Radio
Capital FM
Metro Radio
You can also visit for more information about salting routes, DCC services affected, travel issues etc. 
We will ensure that resources for students will be available on Moodle if the school is closed or your child is not able to attend school due to severe weather. 

Community group leaders will be informed of school closures. 

1st December 2017