Rewards & Consequences

We always have high ambitions for our pupils and are committed to do the best for all of them.

Our self-improving culture of learning across our organisation is underpinned by high quality behaviour for learning. We are a school that aims to develop fully the potential of our students to be ambitious, confident, self-led learners built upon strong relationships, lesson planning and positive recognition.

Our Code of Conduct, Ready, Respectful, Responsible is displayed in each learning space and referred to in conversations around conduct.

Recognition and rewards for effort:

We are all motivated by praise and reward. It boosts our self-esteem; it makes us feel as if our efforts are recognised, that we are valued 

and that we’ve contributed positively to a given outcome. It is not the size or type of reward that is pivotal but the way that it is given.


School level:

·         Praise Wall   

·         Award Certificates 

·         Reward Trip

Department level:

·         Post card/Text /Tweet home

·         Student referral (classroom teacher to send students to S.L for reinforced praise)

·         Lunch queue jumper 

Classroom level:

  • House points or positive notes/sticky notes for their planner
  • Classroom Recognition Board – Identify the students that are showing the dispositions that we desire in our learners. For example: self-regulators , resilient, curious, hardworking etc.
  • Positive phone (all adults in the school should make one call a week)

P&G Rewards

  • House points or positive notes/sticky notes for student’s planner
  • Positive phone call/text
  • Lunch queue jumper

We want to praise and reward our students for their can do attitude and hard work, occaisionally we will need to use consequences when students fail to engage. We also need to consider why such a situation may have arisen.