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Live Reporting

Live Reporting is now available to parents of pupils on both campuses.

All parents should have a personal login and password to be able to access Live Reporting. All parents who have a student that started this September should now have received details to log in, if you haven't please send an email to Please note that you will need an email address registered at the school to be able to receive a password. Remember to keep your login details safe and secure in order to safeguard your child’s details, you are asked to change them when you first log in. Parents with more than one child in school will have just one set of login details.  Click below to get started.

If you have forgotten your user name or password or believe your details have been compromised please contact
We can then disable your account and send you a new password. This may take a day or two to verify and send.

Using this system you should be able to access:

  • Registration marks - this will help you to see whether your child was present for registration and whether they were on time
  • Class timetable – you will be to see what lesson your child has each day so you can help them to be prepared 
  • The most recent grades from the student reports (which happen termly). 
  • Behaviour and achievement points – you will be able to check whether your child has achieved any points during the day
  • What homework has been set for your child (including brief details and a hand-in date)
  • Your details on the system; you will be able to check we have the correct phone number, address etc
  • You are also able to inform the school via live reporting of hospital appointments etc

This access in ‘real time’ will allow you immediate access to the information and consequently to contact us earlier if you feel there is a problem. We have always found that pupils achieve much higher success and enjoy school more when we work closely in partnership with parents and we hope that live reporting will provide some useful information to support this.