At Greenfield we believe that everyone has the right to be educated in a safe environment and as an organisation we promote equality, safety and visibility in education for LGBT+ people. We want everyone to be aware that people have multiple, complex and diverse identities. Identities shape the world and make history. At Greenfield we want to teach our learners about the variety of the human race.

Please take a look at the sections below which offer support and information, a celebration of LGBT+Pride, LGBT+ History, LGBT+ Activities you can get involved in and a Gallery celebrating our LGBT+ Student Group

Our student LGBT+ Group is supportive group which was created to reassure and provide a safe space for open discussion of sexual orientation and gender identity and  to empower students to make the positive changes within school and tackle any social injustices that may exist.

If you want to join the group please email Miss Davis and she will add you to the TEAM


History Month