At Greenfield Community College our students are provided with homework booklets to support their learning. The booklets are planned and mapped to the curriculum to maximise understanding and knowledge retention of core concepts.

What is a homework booklet?
The homework booklet contains all the homework a student is expected to complete in a given week.

The booklet is broken into two key areas:
  1. Knowledge Organisers (Revision) - All core knowledge and skills that students will need to know for end of term exams/assessments is contained within this document. We actively encourage students to know the Knowledge Organisers in detail, as a strong knowledge base will lead to a strong performance in the exams.
  2. Homework – Tasks that a student is expected to complete each week.
Why do you use homework booklets?
  • The homework booklets are a 5-year revision program. The booklets prepare students for the exams they will sit each term. All the core knowledge students need to know is contained within the Knowledge Organisers.
  • Simplicity. We want to make it easy for parents to be able to check what homework their child has and whether they have completed it or not. Parents/carers will know if homework is complete when everything in the given week has been completed.
  • Rather than assigning students a specific day to complete homework the booklet allows students to plan when they will undertake each task around other commitments they may have.
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