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We believe that independent study supports swifter progress and improved achievement and to support this, we aim to instil the benefits of this in all students so that independent study becomes routine.

Our aim is to:

enable pupils to understand that independent study is vital to achieving success

  • promote student independence and responsibility for own learning
  • support progression
  • provide a toolkit to extend learning and develop lifelong learning habits
  • meet parent expectations about the quantity and quality of homework and to involve parents in their child’s learning
  • enable students to develop time-management skills
  • support the development of strong revision practice in preparing for exams and tests
  • extend curriculum time.

Independent Study Tasks Key Stage 3

Each department will set one independent study task per term for each year group. This will require 2–3 hours of independent study. Students will be supported by their subject teachers to meet the deadlines.  Any student who fails to complete the task on time will be required to attend an after school session, the date of which will be published for parents in advance.

In addition, short homework tasks will be set as required by subject teachers, this will often be specific learning or regular practice of knowledge and skills. 

Independent Study Key Stage 4

Students completing GCSE or Vocational courses will be set regular homework according to the needs of the subject.

Missed Homework

If your child misses a homework deadline they may be given a second deadline for short homework tasks at KS3. For independent study tasks and for KS4 homework, detentions will be set. Parents will be informed by text, phone or student planners.