We are committed to providing a stable careers education, information, advice and guidance programme to all learners.

As part of this commitment we have embraced the Gatsby Benchmarks for Good Career Guidance as one of the schools on the initial pilot scheme and we are proud to say that we now fully achieve seven of the benchmarks. More information about the Gatsby Benchmarks can be found in the links below.


The development of our careers programme for our students has had a significant impact on the destinations of all students from 2016. In developing the careers curriculum to meet the needs of our learners and support their career journey beyond Greenfield, further work has been done to encourage students to select a destination that they will be able to sustain, Students are given the opportunity to visit colleges in the Summer term of Yr 10 on taster days, each student has an independent, individual career guidance interview with a qualified careers professional to discuss their choices at the end of Yr 10 and in Yr 11 students receive presentations and application clinics with further education and apprenticeship providers.

Our provision

Greenfield Community College has been involved with the Gatsby benchmarks as one of the original North-East pilot schools. As part of this, over the 4 years of the pilot scheme we receive an evaluation visit each year (final one due Autumn 2019).

We are also a member of the North-East Careers Hub. We have Investor in Careers status.

The school was part of the 2016 ‘Getting ready for work’ thematic report where careers advice and guidance was found to be ‘well embedded’,

In the school’s previous Ofsted inspection the leadership of CEIAG was seen to be a strength of the school.

Careers Provision

Students in all years have timetabled careers lessons as part of the PSHE/Careers rotation as well as through activities in RRS days.

Year 7 focuses on identifying students’ own areas of strength and areas for development as well as considering what a job is and why people go to work.

Year 8 focuses on building these skills, considering why education is important to do well in the future and beginning to think about the options that are available to them.

Year 9 focuses on the skills, qualities and attitudes needed for the world of work and the different types of jobs and job sectors that are available in the region.

Year 10 follow the Esh ‘Building my Skills’ programme where they complete a range of employability skills activities and receive assemblies from a range of employers to support the completion of these activities.

Year 11 have talks and application clinics with a wide range of local FE/apprenticeship providers and focus on application and interview skills for the future.

All students in Year 10 also receive a mock interview with staff from Barclays Bank who provide them with a record of feedback for this.

Year 10 students also receive an independent, individual Careers guidance meeting with a qualified Careers advisor from Careerwave in the Summer term. Students are provided with an action plan detailing what they have discussed and their next steps.

In the Summer term Year 10 students also have the opportunity to access a range of taster visits to local FE providers.

In addition to this the school works with NECOP to provide the following opportunities to students from areas of high deprivation.

Year 9 mentoring, promoting students to think about higher education (8 students per site)

Year 9 boys enterprise programme with Middlesbrough FC Foundation (8 students at Shildon site)

The school also works with the Sunderland FC Foundation to provide the ‘Pitching for Success’ Employability Skills programme for students in Year 9.

Learners with special needs will receive further support in the form of One Point interviews

National Careers Service is a free website for both young people and adults. Students over the age of 13 can use the service to find information about jobs and courses, as well as requesting 1:1 support from a qualified Adviser by ringing the helpline, emailing, texting or requesting a webchat.

Call 0800 100 900 or log on to



The participation for 2018 leavers is 97.2% well above the county average of 93.2%. This is an increase from the previous year at 93.3%.

From the 2018 cohort, 4 students are not counted as actively participating. 1 in employment without training (0.7% CA – 0.7%), 1 NEET (0.7% CA – 2.6%) and 2 destination unknown (1.4% CA – 2.5%)



The school uses the Compass Careers Tool to assess provision against the Gatsby benchmarks each Summer. Currently we judge ourselves to fully achieve 7 of the 8 benchmarks and are working on plans to fully achieve all 8 by 2020.

The CDI framework is used to map out the careers provision and this is updated by STA each October.

Evaluation also takes place through student voice activities and as part of the school’s QA process.

Careers Leader

Mr Simon Tait –


Further Useful Links

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