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Science goes off with a bang at Sunnydale Campus

posted 6 Apr 2017, 05:08 by
On Thursday 16th March, students at the Sunnydale Campus of Greenfield Community College piled into the Science Department to witness some ‘Bubble & Bangs’ style experiments as part of British Science Week’s ‘Demo Day’.

Mrs Davison demonstrated ‘Erupting Fizz’which turned simple household ingredients into a foaming eruption, like that of a volcano!

Mr McKee- Brown demonstrated the reaction with sugar and concentrated sulphuric acid as well as making ‘Elelphant’s Toothpaste’! Yes. Elephant’s cleaning teeth…

Mr Straughan demonstrated the explosive ‘Cannon Shot’ experiment, sprinkling potassium manganate on to a burning mixture of hydrogen peroxide and ethanol. Following the reaction there is a series of loud, harmless bangs.

Drum roll … and the winner was Ellie Cunningham, Yr 7. She correctly competed both challenges; the ‘Odd One Out’ and ‘Science Anagrams’. Well done Ellie!