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Mindful Thinking for Young People.

posted 1 Feb 2016, 03:50 by
Greenfield Arts have been hosting Yoga for Young People since May 2015 as a result of a small grants bid, from GAMP AAP, by our Engineheads earlier in the year, as the group found it was something that isn’t currently offered to local young people and is a great way to increase positive well-being, increase flexibility and reduce stress.

They decided Dru yoga was the best style for this particular project as it is suitable for all abilities and ages. It works on mind, body and spirt; improving strength and flexibility, building a heightened feeling of positivity, and deeply relaxing and rejuvenating the whole body. It is a great way to decrease stress for young people and help them find an alternative outlet.

Young people reported to be feeling less stressed and this year they have even devised their own sessions to see how else it can benefit them. They have had tasters in lessons and they have led assemblies for others to try yoga too. One student said “I feel really relaxed and calm when I come out of a yoga class.”

Complementing our programme developing well-being and resilience we have been one of the first schools, as part of the living mindfully mindfulness schools programme, to deliver Mindfulness for young people. The young people have developed a greater self-awareness and therefore greater choice to respond rather than react to whatever life or school throws at them. We are delighted with the results of these two programmes as well as our Youth Cree project which has supported young people to cope with difficulties and enjoy the positive moments. We are developing and extending this work with Woodham Academy.

Yoga is on offer to young people from across the area from 11 + and will continue at Greenfield Arts until Wednesday 16th March 2016. Blankets and mats will be provided by the centre. No experience necessary.

Contact us to book a place at or call us on 01325 379048.