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Les Miserables

posted 15 Jul 2015, 06:52 by Daniel Potts   [ updated 12 Nov 2015, 12:43 by Unknown user ]

Greenfield Community College Sunnydale Campus in Shildon, has shone again and triumphed in a mesmerising School production of “Les Miserables” with a staggering show of an extremely high professional standard. Directors Allison Brown and Ursula Massingham are incredible staff members of the Sunnydale campus music department and are musicians in their own right.


PER Productions – Broadcasting & Media Production – Video Production Company in North East: “Wow! We have filmed many shows … But yesterday’s performance from Greenfield Community College in Shildon was something special! Les Miserables is a huge show to take on, but they pulled it off! Amazing local talent!” 

The Directors - Allison Brown and Ursula Massingham: "It has been a huge undertaking and a massive team effort that has involved many staff and students and supportive parents over the years, not to mention friends and family members who have supported us fully and helped us to produce such memorable shows and to pull off the great show that is ‘Les Miserables’! We also could not have done it without an incredible band, back-stage crew, prop/set makers and the technical support of Phil Massingham and Gregg Jordan who were fantastic! Not to mention the ticket sellers, hair stylist/make-up helpers, backstage ‘shushers’, costume makers - Diane Wade, Judith Paterson, Leslie Wilson and Joy Dobson who is a ‘joy’ to work with and who transforms the actors with her stage make-up each year! We have been so lucky with all the support over the years of many people, lots who I haven’t mentioned but you know who you are and we have loved working with you all, past and present. Thank you so much”.

Mr. David Priestly, Head-Teacher of Greenfield Community College, congratulated all involved and said that, “Here at Sunnydale Campus our students have risen to the challenge and the singing and acting performances are thrilling and it shows the incredible talent, hard work and dedication that has taken these students and this production to a very high professional standard indeed”.

Rob Moody – Greenfield Drama and English Teacher of Sunnydale campus – Shildon: “The music department has been the heartbeat of the school; putting on shows that have captured the imagination of audiences and encapsulated the creative minds of each and every student that has taken part. Not many School productions can create such wonderful performances and the music department delivers every year, without fail, amongst a truly hectic schedule. They are amazing and the students are great and have been brilliant to work with during drama sessions. Magnificent, brilliant and mesmerising are words that cannot fully do justice to the professionalism of cast – crew and directors”. 

Lesley Watt - Drama specialist from the Greenfield Aycliffe campus: “This year I have done some team teaching on the GCSE drama course so it was great( a bit of a surprise as it is all singing ) to see many of the group taking  main parts in the show . I had not realised just how talented they were musically and I was impressed with their fantastic performances. The singing, acting, set, costumes, lighting and special effects all combined to make the show a thoroughly enjoyable experience. It's a long show but the audience were hooked from the first scene to the last - then there was a standing ovation. I'm sure Cameron Mackintosh would have been delighted with this version !! I loved every minute and I wish that every pupil could have seen it and that I could see it again!”

Allison Brown: “When we started producing Musical Theatre Shows at Sunnydale in 2005 we could never have imagined that ten years later we would be in a position to produce “Les Miserables”. It is a testament to the amazing cast that this is possible. Mrs. Massingham and I have worked hard over the years to encourage students to become involved in the Music Department and to have the confidence to perform on stage, and it is fantastic to be able to produce this show with such a large number of talented, confident upper school boys and girls and to have younger members of the School also involved. It really has been a dream come true and I have loved every second and we are immensely proud of all of them. We have been so lucky and had so many talented students perform on our Sunnydale stage and know that for some of them, this has been just the start of their theatrical career and we are sure that we will see them in future on the professional stage! Lots of students are always involved from different year groups and again we had a strong chorus and cast of some brilliant staff and amazing pupils”.