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Latest Greenfield Gallery Programme Available

posted 14 Jun 2016, 09:12 by
This season’s Gallery Programme at Greenfield Arts is now available showcasing lots of wonderful work from local and national artists of all disciplines. We begin with a showcase of the fantastic work by students studying for GCSEs in Visual Arts at Greenfield Community College, called Unfolded. It will include various art forms including sculpture, photography and graphics and is open from Tuesday 5th July to Friday 15th July 2016.

We also have Robert McManners who combines two of his passions – his art and his love of birdlife. Although illustrated realistically his birds by contrast often live in a background of fantasy as he combines traditional illustrative portrayal with a stylised graphic design technique giving a sense of fantasy to the image. This exhibition is open from Thursday 28th July to Wednesday 24th August 2016.

We then move on to Derek Slater's work, from Thursday 1st September to Wednesday 21st September 2016, which involves paintings from his time spent working for British Coal, reflecting upon people's struggle in heavy industries and ecological issues. The range of his subject matter allows him to work in both a figurative and abstract style. The paintings also relate to a thought provoking aspect to what is happening on the planet and in industry.

This year we also host the previously unseen works by the wonderful artist Norman Cornish from Thursday 29th September to Wednesday 9th November 2016. It will include his works along with the Tyne Tees TV documentary ‘The Shapes of Cornish’ from the early 1970s (30mins). “I paint human beings. I paint their hopes and their shapes and their attitudes and the feelings I have when I look at them. The images come from the people. They create them. I am just the medium.'' Norman Cornish. This is the second time we have been privileged enough to host his work and can’t wait to see it on display.

Last but not least we host the work of Alan Clements, from Thursday 24th November to Wednesday 21st December 2016, since discovering digital photography Alan takes his camera everywhere—from Death Valley to Tokyo. This exhibition has two broad themes—the human face and textures. Faces appear in many variations from the steampunk in Whitby to the courtesan in her gown in Venice. Textures range from patterns made by rivers photographed from 3,000 feet, to the crumbling ochre-shaded walls of Venice.

Each exhibition will host a preview night 6pm – 8pm the night prior open to the public, with the exception of ‘Unfolded’ which hosts a preview on Tuesday 5th July 6pm – 8pm. If you would like to find out more about any of the exhibitions or how you can display your own work in the gallery please check out our website, contact Greenfield Arts on 01325 379048, or pop in and speak to one of our team.