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Greenfield Take ‘Extraordinary’ Steps to Success

posted 15 Nov 2017, 08:39 by
Greenfield Community College are investing in an inspirational programme of events that will encourage students to reach their full potential and be fully active in their own learning.

Greenfield students at both the Aycliffe Site and Sunnydale Campus are enjoying the opportunity to reflect on their inspirations and develop their skills for learning. The programme opened with a fabulous live performance entitled “The Best in the World” performed by ‘Unfolding Theatre’ to every student in the school, a humorous but expressive performance with a special message that encourages students to ‘be the best that they can be’.

The show was a real creative stimulus and students were offered the opportunity to participate in on-stage improvisation becoming part of the performance itself. The plot demonstrates how it is possible to overcome obstacles and adversity to bring out the very best in yourself, a useful strategy in academic terms and beyond! Students also received the exciting news that the school were to welcome ‘Unfolding Theatre’ as its own ‘theatre in residence’ a rare opportunity to work alongside professionals and build upon skills and confidence.

Greenfield are privileged to welcome local writer and broadcaster Michael Chaplin who relayed the insights and experiences of his father, renowned author Sid Chaplin. Sid spent much of his life working in the mining industry but with grit and determination made the extraordinary happen writing for classic broadcasts such as ‘When the Boat Comes In’ and amassing a collection of literary work skilfully depicting life in the north east.

Talented writer and film-maker Laura Degnan will also be working on the Sunnydale Campus as writer in residence with a group of students who will be exploring what it means to be extraordinary. They will produce a book to share these stories and inspire the reader to reflect on their extraordinary skills.

Katy Milne, Director of Arts and Creativity is passionate about the project “We are using a creative approach working with creative practitioners in residence this term to support all of our students to develop the skills and dispositions they need to be effective learners. All of our students are extraordinary and this multi-faceted programme is helping them to reflect upon this and to build upon their skills”.

Student leaders are also working together to support students and staff to realise their skills and to work in collaboration to make the school a great place to learn. They will be leading assemblies and staff training this term to raise awareness of circumstances and conditions we need for excellent learning and to involve everyone in the process.

Danielle, a student leader said “we want to represent the students but need to ensure that we are all part of this journey of excellence together across campuses and year groups”.

We are excited to see the students begin to identify and reflect upon the skills and attributes they need to learn and continue to develop these skills across Greenfield.