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Greenfield Students visit Slavery Museum

posted 13 Nov 2014, 06:03 by Unknown user

A group of Year 8 students from Greenfield Community College visited the International Slavery museum in  Liverpool last week. They learnt about the horrors inflicted on enslaved Africans by white Europeans and Americans, and the legacy that leaves today. It was a moving and informative trip for these students as part of their history studies.

The students said “It really brought to live the horrors of the Middle Passage (journey across the Atlantic), the subsequent slave auction and plantation life that was to follow”.

One student found the hidden resistance of the Nigerian punishment masks particularly interesting; another was moved to tears when she found out about a slave escape, and the punishment - to have their child taken away from them. The students were appalled at the treatment of the slaves, and the children in particular. Despite the horror, the students found the visit useful in a historic context, to find out more about this period in time, one said: “It was great to hear about things which we wouldn't necessarily hear about in the classroom.” Overall it was harrowing but very interesting experience that greatly enhanced the understanding of slavery for both teachers and pupils alike.

Educational visits like this form an important part of teaching and learning at Greenfield. This is an example of the many that have taken place this term, with more planned for the new year to continue to enrich the learning experience of Greenfield students.