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Greenfield Students Talk Business with SAFC

posted 16 Nov 2016, 03:09 by
This year Rights Respecting Day at Greenfield Community College was centred around Post 16 education, business and enterprise and preparing for the future. The emphasis of the day for Year 7 students was to take the first steps to planning for their future.

They worked alongside SAFC Foundation who used their skills to stress the importance of making good choices and how working together can make them stronger as a team. They experienced four different workshops and were encouraged to share their skills and ideas to overcome problems. They built towers out of paper and looked at how it wasn’t just the highest tower that was the best but those that had solid foundations. They carried out a mini-enterprise, planning, designing and marketing a new t-shirt range which was fun and informative. They also carried out two activities which involved physical activities that developed their skills in working together and solving problems through good communication.

This was an excellent opportunity for the students who joined Greenfield in September to work with others in their House and form friendships with students that they are not normally taught with. Thanks to SAFC Foundation for the time and energy they put into a brilliant day.