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Greenfield students’ success at the Foundation of Light!

posted 15 Jul 2015, 02:21 by Unknown user   [ updated 17 Jul 2015, 02:18 by Daniel Potts ]
Congratulations to class 8.3 from Greenfield Community College, Sunnydale Campus who came out on top at a recent event hosted by the Foundation of Light at the Stadium of Light.

The class were joint winners of the Caterpillar Truck Challenge 'Fit for purpose' and were invited to celebrate this at the event this week. All of year 8 at the Sunnydale Campus took part in the enterprise challenge run by the Foundation of Light this year, with two groups reaching the final. The project included lessons in enterprise and business over a term, and a task to present ideas for improving caterpillar trucks and making them 'fit for the future.'

The students had a great time at the stadium and the celebration:

Ritchie Kelly said 'Today has been an amazing day; I could only feel excitement due to the suspense. I and my entire group really enjoyed the experience and hope to be involved in similar activities in the near future'

Emma Lee said 'I thought the challenge was good because it was different and something I had never done before.’

Jack Comerford said 'I enjoyed doing the presentation and I am very pleased we won'

Lewis Keenleyside 'I really enjoyed the whole experience .It was really good fun. Today has been awesome and Ms Scott and Mr Brand have been really good.

Well done to all!