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Greenfield students research World War 1 ancestors

posted 24 Jun 2015, 07:33 by Unknown user

As we move through the centenary commemorations of the First World War, Greenfield Community College has been working on an ambitious project to memorialise the courage and determination of all those who contributed to the war effort and who still have links to our area today.

Thanks to the generosity of the GAMP we have received a grant to access archives, retrieve documents and put this memorial together with primary historical records. A group of students have started work on the project with the support of history staff, but now they need some help from the community.

The aim is to create a book, in which students and staff record the history of their ancestors during the war. In it they will document every aspect of war life with real life stories from their families.

Before we can do any of this, however, we need students to talk to their parents and grandparents. We need information about people who were involved, and stories that only grandparents are likely to know.

Do you have relatives at Greenfield? Do you have information about relatives during the First World War?  If your grandchild or child has yet to tell you about this project but you know you have information which would be of use, please encourage them to get involved. This is their opportunity to become published historians, and also to memorialise their own ancestors who helped save Europe from the despotic rule of the Kaiser.

If you have any information or stories to share please contact Mr Davies via Greenfield Community College, or email him