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Greenfield Students Reach for the Stars

posted 10 Jul 2019, 00:22 by Daniel Potts   [ updated 10 Jul 2019, 00:23 ]

How better to learn space science than from a veteran astronaut?  Students from Greenfield Community College were given a lesson with a difference as they ventured into space science when they visited the Xcel Centre to meet Veteran NASA Astronaut Dr Michael Foale.

Dr Foale gave an inspiring talk about how he became an astronaut.  He encouraged the students to follow their dreams having at first been turned down for the RAF as a test pilot but then going on to study astrophysics at Cambridge University and finally obtaining a PhD before going to work at NASA.

45 students from Year 7 – Year 9 were given the amazing opportunity to learn more about our universe and what it’s like to be in space.  Dr Foale has undertaken six space shuttle missions and has spent a total of 374 days in space – a UK record.  Students were in awe of some of the photographs and video clips he showed of his time on these space missions.  His photographs of the Earth from the International Space Station were truly spectacular.

Students were intrigued and amazed as he shared his experience and brought space science to life inspiring young people to reach their potential with tales of resilience and hard work and relaying various experiments including Earth’s magnetic field and properties of fluids in micro-gravity which brought classroom studies to life.  The visit was a valuable experience that informed and inspired students in their science studies and wider education.