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Greenfield students prepare for careers in Medicine and Dentistry

posted 20 Feb 2014, 04:23 by Unknown user
Last week a group of Year 9 students from Greenfield Community College visited Newcastle University as part of a “MaD” day considering careers in Medicine and Dentistry.

Throughout the day the group, accompanied by their teachers, Miss Craggs and Mr Runciman , tried a number of different activities including making teeth moulds, identifying animal teeth, discussing dental hygiene, using a sphygmomanometer and stethoscope to determine blood pressure and a day in the life of a GP. We believe creativity, innovative experiences and collaboration with others enables us to achieve quality outcomes for students and helps influence their future choices.

The day was a great success, with members of the group now seriously considering careers in these fields, having experienced the variety of options available within both areas. This is part of a series of creative ways of exploring Post 18 opportunities for students at Greenfield, with the aim of raising aspirations and awareness of the options available to them.