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Greenfield Students Make Great Start

posted 26 Sept 2017, 08:28 by
Staff at Greenfield Community College are thrilled with the initial progress made by returning students and the way that they have encouraged and assisted the new intake of Year 7 students to make the transition a happy and welcoming experience, laying excellent foundations for the years ahead.

Executive Headteacher David Priestley is delighted with the commitment and positivity shown by staff and students alike and how the challenge to raise aspirations and develop the talents and academic skills of individual students is being met.

In his welcoming address this term Mr Priestley emphasised the ethos and fundamental principles which are at the heart of Greenfield Community College and the commitment that is made to the ‘whole child and every child’. “Greenfield’s vision for learning is a strong vision, said Mr Priestley “we need to recognise together how to best achieve and realise it”.

Greenfield Community College strives to be a high performing specialist community school with a distinctive ethos and is committed to excellence. The results of which can be seen in many outstanding individual performances throughout the year, not only in academic expertise, but in stand-out sporting achievements, innovation and creative collaborations.

New facilities and equipment at both the Aycliffe Site and Sunnydale Campus will provide an excellent environment for learning this term and is already making a positive impact on a day-to-day basis as students make use of their new surroundings.

Moving forward David Priestley’s vision for Greenfield is not only to provide improvements to facilities but to continue to draw upon research and innovation to ensure the very best for the students in the future “We are a learning organisation, committed to learning from experiences and moving forward” said Mr Priestley.

Staff at Greenfield are looking forward to new challenges and judging by initial progress the future months promise to be a real success!