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Greenfield Students Inspired by Artists

posted 8 Mar 2021, 04:52 by Daniel Potts   [ updated 8 Mar 2021, 04:53 ]


Students at Greenfield Community College are taking advantage of creative opportunities as part of their learning experience. 

Supported by Greenfield Arts, a group of Year 7 students have been inspired in a project partnered with The Bowes Museum to learn more about representation and identity. The students enjoyed the opportunity to create their own artwork working alongside school staff, artist Mel Kyles and staff from The Bowes Museum to explore a work The Bowes Museum collection from the Workshop of Dieric Bouts, “St Luke Drawing the Virgin and Child.”

These online creative sessions led to exciting images ideas and images created by the students that represented aspects of their own identity. The work will be shared in an online public exhibition at The Bowes Museum, an exciting prospect for the students who found the experience positive and creative.

This is just one of the many opportunities available to students to support learning creatively.  Greenfield Community are committed to supporting students to reach their full potential and develop the attributes to be creative, collaborative, responsible, reflective and resilient learners. The school promotes an inclusive curriculum encouraging students to work together to realise an outstanding learning experience.  If you would like further information visit or contact the school by emailing or by calling 01325 300378.