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Greenfield Students Inspire Council Visit

posted 23 Aug 2019, 05:47 by
Students from Greenfield Community College, as part of their Time for Success (T4S) student led enquiry time, have instigated an important dialogue with local Councillors and the Town Mayor of Shildon in a bid to improve the environment.


Students from Forest Elder Tutor Group expressed strong opinions during their T4S lesson and showed determination to have a strong student voice.   The students started a discussion about litter and the environment in Shildon and put in place suggestions for improvements.


The research and discussion led to positive action as an invitation to Councillors, The Town Clerk and Town Mayor was accepted, followed by a visit to Greenfield to listen to the students and take part in a successful question and answer session.  “The pride of the youngsters for their town was clear, and the council commended them on their work.  Hopefully we can continue to work together to promote the cleaner town”. said, Tutor Miss Airey.


Students are planning actions to take further in the Autumn term.  They have agreed to get involved in some of the community littler picking which take place in the area.


Students from Greenfield have been finding their voice in a variety of ways recently, taking part in their first Student Voice Conference, ‘Make it Matter’, leading assemblies and taking part in whole school initiatives such as ‘Speak up for Writing’ and Being Green’.  Students have gained valuable leadership skills and confidence in expressing themselves which has impacted on their wider learning experience.