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Greenfield Students Gain Respect

posted 4 Aug 2017, 07:52 by
Students at Greenfield Community College once again demonstrated their commitment to respecting the rights and well-being of others as they dedicated time to focus on a range of key issues.

The focus of this year’s ‘Rights Respecting Day’ was on positive mental health and wellbeing and each year group rose to the challenge to address specific issues within the brief.

Year 7 students were able to learn all about the role of food and exercise as part of healthy living. The sessions were led by ‘Foundation of Light’ and included workshops on diet and wellbeing, exercise and wellbeing and positive mental health.

The sessions involved students creating their own smoothies, learning practically how exercise can reduce stress and also how to look after their mental health. The Foundation works closely with our school across both campus on many projects and have developed excellent relationships with our young people and their sessions are well planned and delivered looking at a variety of sports ... not just football!

Year 8 students were able to learn primarily about the importance of sexual health and mental health. School nurses delivered sessions based around contraception, sex and relationships and consent. There was also very useful discussions and advice surrounding internet safety.

Students from Year 9 were involved in sessions raising awareness about drugs and alcohol and hate crime. There was also an excellent EAMH session ran by the brilliant ‘If You Care Share Foundation’ learning that "It's okay not to be okay" and that there is always a way. This gives awareness to students about issues such as suicide and is a session delivered from the heart through personal experience. The school counsellor was also involved to support the event.

Year 10 participated in sessions on ‘confident me’, relationships and consent and sexual health. They had a wealth of experience to draw upon as the session was delivered by the ‘Deric Youth Bus Project’ and Carl Bell, Sexual Health Practitioner as well as a visit from Emma Roebuck who talked about relationship issues within the LGBT+ community.