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Greenfield Students Experience Life Internationally

posted 22 Jan 2019, 00:44 by Daniel Potts   [ updated 22 Jan 2019, 01:01 ]


Students from Greenfield Community College have been engaging in learning through snow sport activities and broadening their horizons through extensive travel. 

A group of 44 students and staff have recently enjoyed a brilliant week on the slopes in Italy’s Aosta valley taking part in the annual ski residential.  Now in its 19th year, the visit lived up to all expectations offering students expert tuition and the chance to improve skills not only in skiing but by enjoying a life changing educational experience. 

Students grew in confidence throughout the trip, working hard both on and off the slopes participating in a full programme of après ski which included completing school work. Once again, students made fantastic progress, developing from beginner to intermediate skiers and several more experienced students attained the highly respected 5* award for skiing proficiency.

‘It is always a fantastic week away. Most of the beginners have no idea what to expect, until they stand on the slopes and take in the breath-taking panoramic of the Alpes. Students have to work hard, adapt quickly and respond to intensive five hour daily tuition, but they reap the rewards. It is fantastic to see our students growing in confidence, developing lifelong skills and experiencing the culture, language and uniqueness of this beautiful town and ski resort in the Aosta valley’ said Assistant Headteacher Mrs Dixon

“This month we will be launching our Ski residentials for 2019 and 2020. We hope that by initiating both trips, additional families will be able to save up, spread the cost and enable more of our students to take up this fantastic opportunity. If you want to see what we achieved this year, look no further than @GreenfieldTweet #Ski2018”

During a very busy calendar at Greenfield students were also able to take advantage of an exciting opportunity to visit Giessen near Frankfurt in Germany.  Five students were chosen to act as mentors and accompany students from Ramshaw Primary School as part of the ‘Magical German Trips’ project.

It turned out to be an amazing experience for all as they got the chance to visit partnered German school, Ostschule and generally find out more about German culture and visit the renowned Christmas markets.  Students were accompanied by Subject Leader Mrs Welsh “it really was a magical experience with students able to use their German skills by buying presents from the market and learning new words” said Mrs Welsh

“This has been a valuable experience for both the mentors and the mentees as they have had the opportunity to learn about German traditions and German schools, as well as improve their leadership skills.  I would recommend this project to all schools who are keen to embrace languages and explore new cultures.”

Greenfield Community College are continually developing and embracing opportunities such as these to ensure an outstanding learning experience for young people as part of a broad curriculum offer.