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Greenfield Students Experience Authentic Shakespeare

posted 22 Jul 2019, 00:08 by Daniel Potts   [ updated 22 Jul 2019, 00:09 ]

A group of students from Greenfield Community College welcomed the opportunity to experience Shakespeare in unique surroundings recently.  The Year 7 group enjoyed ‘The Tempest’ at Shakespeare’s Rose Theatre in York, a superb pop-up venue with a difference that offers the chance to experience the intimacy and drama of an Elizabethan theatre and boasts a surrounding village to create an authentic historic atmosphere.  

“The venue itself is right next to Clifford’s Tower in York and has an enclosed area to immerse students in a real Shakespearean experience; the fake heads on sticks went down a treat when we arrived!” said Hannah Macbeth, English Subject Specialist.  “The show was fantastic, we were right in front of the stage and the actors even got amongst the students as they worked their way through the crowd.”

Speak up for Writing at Greenfield supports students to experience high quality Arts and Cultural experiences to help them explore ideas and develop their writing and be able to develop their skills.  Teaching staff will be encouraging the young people to draw upon this live theatre experience as they develop their understanding of Shakespeare in Key Stage 3 into Key Stage 4.

The students really enjoyed the day and the experience helped them visualise the way a play is put together - to be seen and not read.  Employees at the Theatre commented on how calm and well behaved the students from Greenfield had been during the visit, well done to everyone!  It was a valuable learning experience and an enjoyable day.