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Greenfield Students Create Relaxing Space

posted 13 Jun 2017, 04:11 by
A group of Yr 9 students at Greenfield Community College who have been working with the “TEAMH” project ran by “If you care share” have created a fantastic room for the school counsellor.

This project started with the training of the young people involved to help them recognise and support those with mental health needs. Matthew from ‘If you care share’ then set a task for the students to come up with a project that would benefit the whole school on a budget of £300 pounds.

The students after some deliberation decided that the counselling room could be more comfortable for students who need it. The students had to design the room and then research the costs of various items that they wanted to purchase.

By May 15th all the items had been delivered and it was time for the group to get busy. Matthew and the students then set to work building shelves, painting quotes, preparing a fish tank and arranging the furniture that they had purchased in the room. All the students that use the room really love the new look and say it is a really nice space to be able to talk with the counsellor.

“We are so grateful to ‘If you care share’ for all the work they have done and continue to do at our school” said Dianne Davis, Assistant Headteacher at Greenfield Community College.