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Greenfield Students Continue …

posted 31 Mar 2020, 01:21 by Daniel Potts   [ updated 31 Mar 2020, 01:23 ]

Students from Greenfield Community College are well practised at being strong self-led learners and with the support of dedicated and expert staff and have recently made further progress using quality online learning packages as part of their studies.

During these unprecedented times, it has been challenging for everyone, and it was a particularly emotional day last Friday for Year 11 students, as the school building closed for most students. It is reassuring to know however that students throughout the school are equipped with the means to move forward and achieve their goals.

Just one example of the use of innovative online resources is Hegarty maths; this is an educational tool used by many schools, and students at Greenfield have spent over 2615 hours on Hegarty in the last six weeks; that’s an extra 3.1 hours of extra time spent working on valuable self-led studying.  A massive 113,390 questions were answered correctly by students at Greenfield Community College, with 85% achieving a figure of 70% or more. Well done!  The online initiative set up by Colin Hegarty, Global teacher of the year, saw an upturn of 60,000 users this week as students continue their studies at home.

Staff at Greenfield are supporting students in every way possible with a host of online resources and printed home packs available for each year group covering a wide range of subjects and tasks.  The school are also finding ways to help support those families of children who may need a little more help at this time.

As with many institutions and organisations Greenfield Community College are finding ways to continue and to support their staff, students and families in a positive and innovative way, fostering their approach to encourage self-led learning and supporting their community in every way they can.  Contact the school via the school email or visit the website for more information.  Click on the school closure link on the home page for up to date information. There are lots of online learning resources and areas of work for Greenfield students on the home page of the school website under ‘student home access’.