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Greenfield Students Commemorate Holocaust at Durham Cathedral

posted 9 Feb 2015, 03:14 by Unknown user   [ updated 24 Apr 2015, 01:18 by Dan Potts ]
A group of year 8 students from Greenfield Community College (Greenfield Campus) visited Durham Cathedral to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz- Birkenau last week. The theme of this year’s Holocaust Memorial Day was to keep the memory alive.

During the morning, students participated in workshops in which they heard personal stories of the horrors of the Holocaust and the lasting impact on families for generations as well as considering the lessons we can learn. Also, students reflected on why prejudice and discrimination still needs tackling in today’s society.


In the afternoon, students listened to the incredible and very moving story of Eva Clarke who was born in Mauthausen concentration camp. She and her mother were the only survivors of their family, 15 members of whom were killed in Auschwitz.


Neave, one of the students on the trip from Year 8 said the day was ‘very educational and reflective, and it is important to remember all the victims of genocide and to keep the memory alive. I won’t forget it and I hope all who attended won’t. This day made me want to stop genocide and anything like this happening again.’ Georgia, another student, also commented: ‘listening to people telling their own stories and their families was very heartfelt.’ Greenfield students gained a huge amount from a very thought provoking and moving day.