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Greenfield Students Bridge the Gap with a Brew!

posted 29 Jul 2016, 04:02 by

Getting together for a cuppa can seem so ordinary but the pupils of Sapphire Form at Greenfield Community College, Sunnydale Campus, came up with a new take altogether.

Whilst planning a programme packed with poetry, speeches, and humorous asides, the form decided that having a cuppa with Shildon’s older generation was a perfect way to learn. They planned ‘big’ questions such as ‘did your generation work harder than ours?’ and ‘does Nigel Farage speak for the Nation?’ another. Their planning was supported by form teacher Emily Robson and local Vicar Revd David alongside Shildon Alive and the church congregation who kindly invited the guests.

Abigail Charlton interviewed Pat Todd and Ann Sanderson discovering that both had been beauty queens and that Pat had begun school with a slate to write on. Whilst thanking everyone involved, Revd David commented that ‘it is the sense of community that makes Shildon special. It is a town where people are still interested in each other and watching the way the young and old interacted was a delight.” Miss Robson stated that she hoped to repeat the exercise each term as both the school and the wider community were certainly the better for it.