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Greenfield Students are Inspired to Love Reading

posted 18 May 2020, 04:35 by Daniel Potts

Reading is key at Greenfield Community College and students are reaping the benefits of the many opportunities and resources that have been available to them.  During this time of uncertainty, reading is an activity that can provide a space to enjoy both fiction and non-fiction, both of which can offer a wonderful learning experience in the home and a form of freedom to explore new ideas and escape to other worlds.

Every week there is a ‘Reading in Lockdown’ document shared with all students with reading links and ideas including items from short uplifting articles to more challenging podcasts.  Students at Greenfield can find this work posted in the ‘English’ work files along with a shared ‘reading and listening resources’ folder for students and families to dip into (see the ‘Reading Resources’ link on our webpage).

Ofsted have continually highlighted the correlation between reading, writing and the benefits it can bring across the curriculum and this is also a vital component of their ‘deep dive’ strategy in schools. Students at Greenfield Community College are progressing and nurturing a love of reading which will allow them to access a wide range of opportunities. Improved reading ability is essential in supporting students to successfully approach the new G.C.S.E. framework but it is also crucial in equipping our students with the vocabulary they need to become confident young adults. Greenfield Community College are committed to encourage and develop reading through expert teaching and providing the opportunities and resources for students to read and to inspire a love of reading.

Whilst at school, time is allotted each day in T4S (Time for Success) lesson, where students are given space and time to read a book of choice and the school have worked hard to widen the range of materials available during this time with form tutors.  There are also reading initiatives such as ‘star reading’ to enable students and staff understand and evaluate levels of reading and encourage progress.  Greenfield has a well-stocked library with dedicated librarians on hand to advise and encourage students.  Novels and plays within the curriculum are studied in-depth with many opportunities to discuss and study texts including external visits and trips to live theatre to continually inspire reading and deepen knowledge. Forty-five students trained as peer-reading mentors during the autumn term and we hope that they will play a key role in supporting students and promoting reading when we return to school.  Last half-term some of the reading mentors began their role by supporting a break-time reading drop in for our Year 7 and 8 students who enjoyed listening to stories read by staff including Mr. Moffatt, Ms Silverwood and Mr. Mark.

More recently, to celebrate world book evening, staff have been sharing their reading on social media, releasing a video to encourage students to explore their own reading tastes and gain a light-hearted insight into the choices staff are making. We have also continued to mark events such as V.E. Day with reading recommendations posted on Twitter, students who would like to forward their own book recommendations should email Ms. Rose.

This week the school are inviting students to enter a competition to design a National Book Token. See @GreenfieldTweet for more, there will also be an online book club and a new competition coming up so please keep in touch.

Greenfield is committed to encouraging reading and promoting a broad and balanced curriculum enabling each and every student to reach their full potential.  In the words of author Neil Gaiman,  we ‘hope we can give our children a world in which they will read, and be read to, and imagine, and understand’ because we know that ‘once a child finds their happy place in a book, they will have this gift for the rest of their lives’.